(21:33 UTC+1)
August 30th, 2019

Got some glasses today. Cute as fuck. uwu

(18:00 UTC+1)
August 26th, 2019

I've been challenged to make Space Invaders using PyGame, and I didn't even realize PyGame was a thing until recently. I feel like this is going to be another one of the things that I say I'm going to do, and then end up never doing. Kinda sucks that I want to do this for a living.

(16:13 UTC+1)
August 26th, 2019

I've been trying to think of ways to make the site look slightly better. Redesigning the title banner's definitely going to happen, but I can't really think of much besides that. It'd be nice to get a few more pages on here, too. Feel free to email me if you have any ideas.

(21:19 UTC+1)
August 13th, 2019

Still not dead. I tend to stop doing things for a while sometimes, so this almost certainly won't be the last time I just disappear for weeks. I guess I just decided to make this post to show that I'm still doing things. I archived the July posts, which had me surprisingly frustrated after I couldn't figure out why the footer was sitting in the middle of the page. I also decided to stop titling these posts, because that just seemed kinda dumb.